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APSE precision metals co.,ltd.Shanghai,is the reorganized company from the former company, APSE machinery Shanghai . After the reorganization in 2003,APSE Shanghai has not been only a factory for bicycle brakes and furniture hard wares but a head office which manages many APSE Group's branches in eastern China area.
ASPE precision metals co.,ltd has a perfectly combined produce-and-sale chain which includes all kinds of material supply.CNC lathe, alloy forge,plastic extrusion,and APSE Tian Jing branch etc.


The History of APSE Group
  • 1986

    APSE Taiwan founded,(brake system)

  • 1990

    APSE Shenzhen founded,(brake system)

  • 1993

    APSE Shanghai founded,(brake system)

  • 1995

    Innova Guangzhou founded,(tires)

  • 1995

    Innova Taiwan founded as a sales company for tires

  • 2001

    Innova Pinghu founded,(tires)

  • 2003

    Artek furniture Shanghai founded,(system furniture)

The History of APSE Metal Tech ( Shanghai )Co.,Ltd.
  • 1993

    Yongshi machinery Shanghai ,an APSE & Forever Inc. joint-venture.

  • 1995

    JIS, VIA standard recognized

  • 1999

    APSE Shanghai founded and withdrew from Yongshi machinery

  • 2000

    Moved to Zhu Jia Jiao, a main tour spot of Shanghai and the new logo announced

  • 2000

    DNV and ISO9002:1994 recognized

  • 2002

    Applied Smart ERP system into company management

  • 2003

    Set up a cooperated production line with Battle bicycle Tianjing

  • 2003

    ISO ISO9001:2000 recognized

  • 2003

    Reorganized to be APSE precision

  • 2004

    The sale turnover reached 200 millions

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